Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From JohnM: 28mm Napoleonic Prussian Fusiliers, Artillery Officers & Caissons (140 points)

John sends in his final entry to the Challenge with these fine Prussian Napoleonic fusiliers, artillery officers and a caisson.

Fusilier battalion of the IR21, 4th Pomeranians in their British supplied riflemen uniforms.
From John:

'I was aiming for an even 1000, but sometimes the gods conspire against you.' (I won't provide you John's full expletive as its wonderfully blistering and foul. - ed) 

For my Prussian Fusilier battalions I have decided to go with 4 figures to a base rather then 6 to allow more dynamic basing.
'I knew that the French command stand would bring me up to 860 points. Yesterday morning I got up and said, I am going to paint 140 pts of Napoleonics in 24 hours. There was some technical difficulties as my terrain style requires 24 hours for the first coat to dry, but things like hairdryers exist (I live with 2 women), so I said soldier on. I painted the 3/21st 4th Pomeranian Regiment yesterday, but woke up this morning with still 60 points needed and the terraining on the Pomeranians left to do. OK I said a Prussian caisson (10 pts), 4 horses and 2 riders (30 pts) and 2 mounted Artillery officers (20 pts)=60 pts=1000 pts= goal achieved.' 

Next up are some Prussian Artillery figures. Still drying I am afraid, but they are finished.
We have 2 mounted officers, a artillery colonel on the right and his ADC to the left. They are from the Artillery command set.

Well all good….by 2pm done aside from a bit of terraining, and then the inconceivable happened, I had painted a horse and a caisson driver that did not match, I just could not get him to fit on any of the horses. Should of checked before I started. C'est la vie! 

Here we have a horse artillery caisson sans one driver. I am using only 4 horses for each artillery support unit, so have 4 in reserve for Schrumpkopf's medic wagon.

Who's a silly boy! Can't find his horse.

Beautiful work as usual, John. But I'm afraid I can't see the problem. Obviously this last figure is a dismounted rider who is particularly bowlegged (or has some rare form of Prussian Rickets). So I've added the 5 points for him to make your total 140 for this entry. Oh my, look, you've broken the 1K barrier! Congratulations my friend, well done!


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