Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From TimB: WWII Soviet Infantry Regiment (752 points)

Tim's last entry is a very nice (and suitably huge) collection of 20mm WWII Soviet miniatures.

I'll let Tim describe the pics (It gets a bit 'involved', as you will see!):

'First, two Canadian 6 pounders and crew - Guns are from Rafm, crews are from FAA'

'Next, Canadian casualty marker - some sort of 1/72 plastic...? REvell, maybe... or Italeri...?'

'A German German officer which will act as a Forward Observer stand... again some kind of plastic...?'

'Regimental AAMG Platoon - previously painted FAA'

'Regimental Reconnaissance Company - one Foot, one Mounted Platoon - foot previously painted (Platoon 20), Mounted are new and I have no idea where the minis came from... combat Minis...? Maybe...? with plastic horsies from Eagle Games...?'

'Regimental Pioneer Platoon -  Platoon 20 - another OOB I saw claims there was a Regimental Pioneer COMPANY... but all I have is this platoon... so I'm going with the OOB that said only one platoon... (until I find some more Soviet Pioneers!)'

'Regimental SMG Company - Should be 3 platoons, I have only two. the one on the left is previously painted (Platoon 20) the platoon on the right is newly painted - Plastic Soldier Model Company.'

'Regimental Gun Battery - two platoons of 76mm Infantry guns - Plastic Soldier Model Company.'

'This is the rest of the WW2 Soviet Rifle Regiment.... These five pics are of the Rifle Battalions themselves... First Battalion (Rifle companies) Plastic Soldier Model Company (one rifle platoon stand and one HQ stand was previously painted, rest are new)'

'Second Battalion (Rifle companies) Plastic Soldier Model Company.'

'Third Battalion (Rifle companies) The two files on the left are assorted plastics (Revell, Italieri, etc) They are new as is one of the HQ stands and the Battalion Command, the file of the right are previously painted Platoon 20 figures.'

'The HMGs - the three platoons of plastic figures (Revell, Italieri, etc) in the front row are new, two in the rear are previously painted (Platoon 20) - now, here's where I get a little confused... a couple OOBs I've seen state that each battalion had a complete company of HMGs (three platoons each) AND each Rifle Company had an MG platoon, in addition to it's three rifle platoons... for a whopping SIX platoons of HMGs per Battalion (compared to nine rifle platoons in the battalion) and EIGHTEEN Machine-gun Platoons in a Regiment...  Is that for real?! Or is that wishful thinking on behalf of the Soviet general staff!? I have only five at the moment... guess I need to get a few more! I'll probably just pick up four more at some point and have three per battalion...'

'The Mortars - the plastic ones on the left are new... again, according to most OOBs I've seen the Soviets apparently had a Mortar COMPANY per battalion - three platoons serving 9 tubes! Compared to one platoon in each Commonwealth infantry battalion!? So I need another SEVEN for the Regiment at some point - if I ever care to kit out the force with their full authorized strength... to start with I'll probably pick up ONE more and give each battalion a single platoon...'

WOW, that is a shed-load of Soviet soldiers and attendent kit (174 foot, 3 mounted and 4 guns by all account)! This will give Tim a very impressive 752 points, placing him solely in 3K territory at Challenge end - fantastic stuff Tim!


  1. Oh my goodness that's a huge submission and i still love the way you paint,great job

  2. Good work all around Tim. I like the Cdn figures especially - and the greenish Canadian pattern BD is nice. Your casualty stand is from the Italieri British infantry box., BTW.
    Cheers, Mike

  3. Blimey some collection - well done


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