Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From RossM: 28mm Hector and his Trojans (52 points)

For Ross' final Challenge entry he sends us this great stand of Trojan infantry with Hector in the midst of the fray.

These 28mm models are from Redoubt Miniatures.

Once again, Ross has done great work on the shields

Ross tells me that Hector and the casualty figure should not be included in the scoring so this group will give him a base of 45 points but I'll place it to 52 with the great shields and groundwork. Well done Ross!


  1. Great painting Ross, love the shields!!

  2. Thanks gents. The shields were sods to glue in place but worth it in the end.

    Its been good fun watching everybody's painting over the last three months and well done to Ray and Kent - you are both heavy weights of the painting world.



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