Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From RayR: 15mm F&IW Canadiens & Generals (106 points)

Ray is trying to go for my heartstrings with this submission of a unit of Canadien cavalry that were formed during the French and Indian Wars along with some flash-in-the-pans types by the name of Washington and Wolfe.

From Ray:

'That's it I give up!!! If I painted and based for the rest of the day and night I'd have an extra 400+ points, but I'll just have to settle for these guys as my last post. Quite apt really as the last post are a small force of Canadians.'

'Here are 10 men of the short-lived Corps de Cavalrie, a light cavalry unit for the FIW consisting of 200 Canadian volunteers and 5 French officers, then we have the same unit but dismounted.'

'The Corps de Cavalrie are all from Essex minis, but I did a little conversion work on the riders, Essex don't sell mounted cavalry in bearskins with this uniform, so I bought normal French Dragoons and chopped off their heads and replaced them with French Grenadier heads, the bearskin is not exactly as it should be but hey they 15mm!!!'

'Lastly there are two famous General's from the war, Gen Wolfe and Gen Washington. They are both from Frei Corps.'

A supreme effort, Ray - bravo! These lads will give you a base of  96 points, but I'm awarding another 10 for the conversion work and the fact that they are Canadien. So even with an updated total of 4508 points that still places Ray a little behind Kent in the point standings. Nonetheless, well done!! Thanks Ray for keeping us on the edge of our seats these past few days! It certainly made the Challenge that much more enjoyable.


  1. It's at times like this that I often feel the urge to quote the immortal words of Howard the Duck; "Where I'm from we never say die, we say... NOT THE PANTS!?"

  2. We done Ray - a valiant effort that I'm sure will be in the history books at some point.

  3. Nice work Ray

    I think I`m going to sign up for this next year... seems to work wonders at lead mountains at the rate people churn out entries

  4. these look awesome really nice colour's great job


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