Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From IanW: 28mm Sniper Markers & 15mm Ancients (224 points)

From Ian:
'I must say the temptation to stop once I was on the devils number was there a little, so it was a good thing I was already well on my way to painting this lot. Not a small selection of figures as I had set myself a target that I thought was not possible. I was so pleased that I managed it. I had based up the figures with the brown pebbles before going to bed last night and flocked them on getting back from walking the kids to school.

So I give you 16 British 28mm Sniper reminders. These need the tufts adding when they finally arrive. I needed to order via Germany as no UK stockist had the big sheets of them. I was fairly concerned that the uniform brown would not come out well but after lifting it before wash it seems to be fine.'

'Now down a scale all below are 15mm. First are 12 Cataphracts, these are part of the Seleucid army a mate gave me, it's almost a complete army to the FoG lists about 400 figures so it was a big deal that he gave them to me. I want to get it going and these are a short cut to being able to play with some of it combined with my own already painted units. Essex miniatures with horrid small bases.'

'Command stand of 4 figures for this army. These will go with the other command I have already painted. Just like the cataphracts the mix of metal paints make the unit interesting. Magister minatures and not as big as the Essex and to be honest not a great figure, some of their worst.'

'... and last and possibly least 16 Cretan javelin armed infantry, these boys are poor quality on the field so I don't expect much from them but really liked the figures when I first saw them and just bought them hoping I could work them in some how. More Magister but obviously ones I like!!!'

Excellent stuff, Ian. This group will give you a very respectable 224 points!  I'm very happy you exceeded your personal target for the Challenge - you certainly embraced the spirit of the whole thing - bravo!


  1. That's a whole lot of painting from Ian. Well done that man!

  2. Man everyone's putting such great work and so much well done