Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From JohnM: 28mm Napoleonics - The French Command (45 points)

Johns sends in these beautiful Napoleonic French command stands for you to enjoy. 

Overview of my French command stands. The 40x40 are Gen de Brigade, from Front Rank and Perry.
From John:
'Here is my next submission. I have been doing some work on my command stands, making them uniform with the Prussian stands I submitted earlier. Most of the figures predate the challenge, but they were all extensively touched up and rebased over the last week. I like out the terraining came out, I use a burnt sienna as the base color for my French bases (use a raw umber for Prussian). They were then dry brushed with a buff. The texture is provided by a Golden coarse pumice gel. I then applied a dark brown liquitex ink. Let dry and then glued on various grasses.'

'The figures on the Napoleon stand was painted in the past week though, and are a collection of Elite and Perry. It should be obvious whats what. The Perry's are from the "Hangers On" pack as well as Gen de Div Quiot. Certainly the Elites are odd especially the horses, sort of look flattened, but they have an attraction.'

Divisional Cavalry command stand, all Front Rank, I believe, aside from the standing dragoon from Perry.

French Marshall (Corps), the Marshall and the ADC are from Redoubt, the rest from Front Rank.

Infantry Division Corps command stand, same mixture as above.

Again, beautiful work John. The command stand featuring 'The Man' will give you 45 points. 

John tells me he's going to try to get something for the midnight deadline so check back later for that.


  1. Nice, nice work; validates why the era produced the most fantastic uniforms. Best, Dean

  2. Excellent work John - I like the style of your command stands



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