Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From TimB: 28mm Russian Infantry, Officers, Partisans & Casualties (128 points)

Tim sends us a fine collection of Russian WWI figures as we enter the final hours of the Challenge.

From Tim:

'The first are ostensibly WW2 Russian Partisans from Black Tree Design - but they'll see action all over the early 20th century... The guy with the pistol, camera and book looks perfect for some Cthulhuesque Pulp Adventure Action...'

'Next, three Imperial Russian Officer from Brigade Games (I think...)'

'Then  we have fourteen Imperial Russian Soldiers - modeled and mould by John Bertolini - cast and painted by myself.'

'Finally (but not really... there will be more in a couple hours...) Five dead and dying Imperial Russians from Battle Honors.  The latter three, more or less, finishes off an Imperial Russian/Tsarist force that could see action anywhere from 1914 to the end of the Russian Civil War...'

Lovely work as usual, Tim. I especially like seeing more of John B's stuff out and about. These lads will give Tim 128 points.


  1. Lovely stuff.

    I particularly like the guy with a camera, wonder if I could use him...

  2. these are so cool love the officers


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