Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From ChrisP: 28mm Greeks

Chris sends in his last entry of the Challenge with these ancient Greeks to bolster his great mod to SAGA.

From Chris:
'Here are my final offerings for the competition, just enough to crack the 2000 point mark! These are my last (and slightly rushed) offering because I am off to the south of NZ to look through really, really big telescopes at the stars and planets. Which will be awesome, but unfortunatly will be the end of my painting time!

First we have Four more Hoplites for my SAGA Greeks, these guys are more of the Myrmidon elites (bronze shields with curtains), giving me the chance to have 12 Hearthguard! All pretty standard, sorry for the shiny shields- I have run out of time to let the varnish dry on the shields, they are (and will be) much less shiny in person!'

'Next up is 4 kitbash Peltasts, converted from the unarmoured Hoplite bodies, married up with Illyrian Helmets with some green stuffing to make them not have a large hole in the back, as well as arms (again) from some Warlord Games Ancient Britons. I am not super happy with them- again they are (and will be) much less shiny in person, but they sort of lack a bit of "pop". I will revisit them in the future once I work out how to build some shields for them.'

These lads will give Chris 40 points which will indeed push him into the 2K territory - Bravo, well done!


  1. Nice work Chris, good luck with the stars and planets....

  2. Very nice, Chris. Congratullations for the mark!!

  3. Great looking figures and shields!!! Have fun with the telescope, sounds like fun, is it a little bit of Venus and Jupiter in alignment time??

  4. Haven't had a good look at Jupiter or Venus yet, they were a little close to the horizon. Got a wonderful view of Saturn with 4 of it's moons and Mars was not bad, could see the signs of an ice cap.

    And lots and lots of stars!


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