Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From FranL: 15mm Fanonian National Guard (FNG) (180 points)

Fran returns to us with his final 'Cafeteria Platter Specials'! He gives us more modern mayhem to enjoy (I can say this as it is only in 15mm). Again, we are treated to the protagonists/antagonists from those diametrically opposed states: Franonia and Rayonia.

Elements of the Franonian National Guard. Models are 15mm Peter Pig.

These Bulldog anti-mine vehicles serve as personnel carriers for the FNG (the acronym makes me laugh). Note: one of these broke in assembly and Fran made it into a wreck - nice!

National Guard casualties - poor chaps.

Looters, probably those reprobates from the Rayonian Republic... (figures by Peter Pig)

And finally some grisly body bags, figures from The Scene.

All told, this collection will give Fran 180 points to add to his tally. This will place him firmly in the 2K zone - Well done!


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