Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From KentG: 28mm Normans, Wild West Civilians & Indians (90 points)

Well, I've learned not to say, 'This is the last one from Kent.' as I've been proven wrong so many times before. Nonetheless, as we move into the final hours of the Challenge I think this entry will help Kent relax as it further protect his 1st place in the points standing from that 'Rapacious Ray' character.

I'm not sure about the Normans (Gripping Beast?) but Kent tells me these Western folks are from Dixon.

This group will give Kent 90 points. Is 176 points enough of a buffer? We will see.


  1. Rapacious, I don't even know what that means???
    Nice painting again Sir Kent!!

  2. Nicely done Kent - love the western figures


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