Monday, March 19, 2012

From GregB: 15mm WWII German Panthers (50 points)

For those who may have been following Greg's entries over the past few weeks you would be hard pressed not to see a theme: WWII tanks - lots of them. This time Greg sends us a selection of excellent German Panthers that he's added to his growing collection.

Take it away Greg:

'Ok, some more product from Plastic Soldier Company, in this case some Panthers.  Like the other PSC boxes, you get five vehicles and are spoiled for options. You can make and of the D, A or G variants. The only feature missing is zimmerit finish.'

'The weaknesses of this are similar to the T-34s. The detail is a touch soft. The tracks are a touch fiddly. And the models feel light for war gaming figures.  Also, I believe they may have made some mistakes on their instruction sheet - but I think only the hard core Panzer aficionados and TMP anoraks will notice.' 

'I did one tank up as an early model "D" variant, and the balance together as a late war platoon with one "A" variant and three "G" variants.  The early model tank got a Kursk timeframe camo pattern, and I tried a late war "ambush" style pattern for the other four.' 

'I used decals from Battlefront for the tactical numbers and crosses. For the four tanks in late war camo I also tried to get fancy and used decals for the divisional insignia of the 20th Panzer division, a formation that fought on the Eastern front until it was crushed late in the war by a Soviet offensive ("Bagration" I think).  It was fun to use the decals, but in the end you can hardly see them.'

'I am really, really liking the Plastic Soldier Company vehicles!  I am looking at adding another box of Panthers (and many more T-34s) as I pile up more 15mm stuff...'

Beautiful work Greg. I really like the dot pattern ambush scheme you've done with those late war cats. These five models will give Greg 50 points, placing his total past the 1K mark - Congratulations! 


  1. Top brush work Greg, the camo looks excellent on all pf them.

  2. Wonderful painting job, Greg. They are really beautiful.

  3. Great job on the Panthers. I'm also a big fan of the PSC 15mm kits - they're easy to build and have a huge cost advantage relative to the battlefront resins.

  4. Thanks guys. @jmilesr - you are right - I think these guys kind of have Battlefront nailed. If they threw in some decals with the box, it would be lights out.

    Lack of a zimmerit finish may be an issue for some gamers out there though (or, conversely a big plus).

    I guess if I wanted to be truly accurate on the Kursk Panther, I should have modelled it burning from an engine fire caused by an overtaxed transmission while it was still 10 miles from the front...

  5. i like your paint job what is the yellow colour you used ?its nice on that ambush cammo

  6. @ Matt - thanks very much. The yellow on these vehicles is the (now defunct) "Desert Yellow" from GW's previous paint line. GW claims that the replacement paint range has a comparable shade - like many things GW says, this is not true. There are a couple that come within shouting distance of it, but sadly "Desert Yellow" is gone...


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