Monday, March 19, 2012

From MilesR: 28mm Dacians, Elephants & WWII American Paratroopers (200 points)

Miles sends in this, his final entry to the Challenge, which is a pleasant surprise considering the amount of time he's been dedicating to coach his son's robotic projects.

From Miles:
Here are my last submissions.  While they are all 28mm they're a bit eclectic in nature.  First up is a four figure command stand for my Dacian army.  All the 3 of the figures are from Warlord (King Decebalus, his Shaman and the dead Roman).  The fourth figure is from Wargame Foundries Dacian command range. 

Next up are of two Successor War Elephants that I purchased from Sgt Major Miniatures.  They were a lot of fun to build and paint and represent the first entry in an eventual Successor army (probably Seleucid).  I have some boxes of Immortal Greeks to throw into the mix there.  Each Elephant has three figures and I'll let you figure out the point total for the beasts themselves!  I put the crew on a magnetized base to make them easier to switch out with other figures (say romans) to have the Elephants perform double duty.  I really like these models and will likely get some more as no ancient army can have too many Elephants! 

Lastly, is a set of 20 28mm US paratroopers also from Warlord.  These were sitting in my primed pile, and after the Elephants I needed a bit of a break.

Excellent stuff, Miles!  I really like how you did the skin tone on the elephants - they are very... well, leathery! I'm giving Miles 200 points for this group - well done.


  1. Great work Miles, I love the armour plating on the legs of the nellie!!!

  2. I like those elephants, they are really cool.


  3. Very nice Miles and really like those ellies in particular!


  4. Great work, Miles. I like a lot those elephants.

    Very nice.

  5. Thanks. The Elephants were a lot of fun to build and I was able to complete both them in about 5 hours (that's really fast for me). I'll likely pick up another one from my Seleucid army that's next on the ancient's list.

    Also thanks to Curt for organizing and overseeing this competition - it was a blast. A quick review of the scorecard indicates that almost 27,000 points have been awarded! At 5pt per, that's the equivalent of 5,400 painted figures which has surely made a dent in our lead piles and hopefully spurred some sales for the industry - After-all, isn't it a law that once the lead pile stock has been reduced it must be restocked to an even higher level?


  6. Love the elephants - great job..


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