Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From FranL: 28mm ACW Union Cavalry, Apaches & Geronimo (320 points)

From Francis:
My second last challenge entry consists of 12 plastic Perry Miniatures ACW Union cavalry, I'm not a fan of painting cavalry especially plastic cavalry (not a fan of these but they were cheap!). 
The second lot are a mixture of 22 Foundry and Dixon Apaches including Geronimo.
Below is an Apache stakeout and scalping, 6 figures, all Dixon.

Apache cavalry including Geronimo himself in the middle.

The next entry will be plains indians, steam tanks, a rocket etc.........

Excellent work once again Fran! I really like the indians putting on the jacket and boots - wonderfully macabre. 

The Yankee cavalry, Apache warparty and Geronimo will give Fran 320 points. Brilliant stuff!


  1. These look great, and you have cemented 4th unless some one dumps a lot of points in (looking at you Ray!)


  2. Nice use of colour Fran. Something about that etc. makes me think that it's not Ray who was sandbagging this year. Go get 'em ya big Irishman!

  3. Great lot Fran.
    Really lovely work as usual, looks like I may have fended you off though, phew.

  4. Oooh, my word! Now the new Bishop of Rome is clearly contesting for the #3 spot if he has another entry to come.

    Lovely work Fran :)

  5. Well done Fran - conclave-level maneuvering and all...

  6. great entry Fran beginning to look over my shoulder now.
    Peace James

  7. Wonderful figures, Fran. It is a great group!

  8. Nice entry. A lot of character in those figures.


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