Monday, March 18, 2013

From StefanoS: 28mm Napoleonic Marine de la Garde (112 points)

Stefano from Italy delivers his last volley for the Challenge.

From Stefano:
Here attached please find my last submission for your 2013 Painting Challenge.
This unit is the Marine de la Garde
Composed of 22 x 28mm Perry Miniatures.
The flag was downloaded and printed.

Gorgeous work Stefano. I really like how you've done the highlighting on your French blue. It has such a great high-contrast effect which makes the gold and red of the uniforms really pop.

These French Marines will give Stefano 112 points. Well done!


  1. Fantastic work indeed. A unit that's both - beautifully painted and well readable on the table.

  2. Ah, quite lovely. Great painting by Stephano. Dean

  3. Now these are NICE. Thin gold braid is a b@gger at any scale and this looks sweet!

  4. These are excellent, I really love the look of them


  5. many thanks, however beautiful sculpted figures help :)


  6. Really nice paintwork there. They've always been one of my favourite units. May have to pick some up at Salute.

    Pip pip


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