Monday, March 18, 2013

From JohnM: 28mm Napoleonic Brunswicker Infantry & Austrian Command (260 points)

From John:

Well here is my 15th and final submission to the Painting Challenge. These figures just push me over my personal goal of 1700 pts and I have to say that I am done with the brush for a bit. Rather then finishing with the 18 figures I need for my Romano-British force or the 16 figures left in the Hobbit box set I decided to finish off some Napoleonics.
Here are the final 2 units needed for the Brunswick Light Brigade at Waterloo. The 1st Light have yellow facings and the 2nd have tan facings. They join the 3rd with orange facings as well as the Avant Garde and the Lieb battalion in the Light Brigade.

All I have to do now to finish off the Brunswick Corps are the 3 Line battalions, they will be next up as I they really have great looking flags, which were not available for the light troops. I just received some amazing flags from Flagdude. so maybe I will be unable to rest the brush for too long.

The final two figures to get over the 1700 mark are 2 Austrian commanders. A couple of years ago I started an Austrian unit, I am not sure if I will ever finish it, but I have 2 battalions of line, 1 battalion of grenzers and 4 companies of jaegers done as well as some artillery and a regiment of cavalry. A nice brigade sized force, but no brigade commander. So here we have an Austrian Major General with his ADC. These are Front Rank figures and are just very nice to paint. As you could see from the close up of the face I could have easily painted some eyes, which I have not been keen to do, but thankfully I have still resisted.

Anyway I would like to thank Curt, his annual contest has really grown over the last 3 years and he has done a great job. The next time I see him, I will certainly buy a drink for all the great work he has done. And congratulations to all for the amazing submissions that I have got to enjoy over the last 3 months.

Thanks for the kudos, John, much appreciated (and I will hold you to that drink!). I've been a big fan of your Brunswickers since you first debuted them. Also, those Austrian officers look brilliant (I have a thing for bicornes) and I really like the use of the oval base-shape for your ADCs - quite elegant that.

These two battalions of black Brunswickers plus the two Austrian officers will give John 260 points, just enough to pip him past his Challenge target. Congratulations friend, and well done!


  1. Congrats on hitting your target, and what a way to finish off. Excellent stuff


  2. Great work John! Congrats of hitting the target. These fellows are excellent!

  3. Now that is an entry and a half - fabulous work.

  4. Stunning work John and well done on achieving your target! :)

  5. Great work loved all your NAps and gratz on hitting your target

  6. Well done John. I've really enjoyed your offings. A great final effort.

  7. Really nice John, as usual. I think you really nailed it with the Brunswickers. And, I can tell from the Austrians that someone is clearly look froward to our next game ;-)


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