Monday, March 18, 2013

From MichaelA: 28mm Vehicles Through the Ages & 'The Four Hops' (110 points)

From Michael:
What could be billed as 'vehicles through the ages' sees a 25mm Egyptian chariot, I believe from Hinchclife.  This was a pig to paint as it had been painted before and stripped leaving little detail to work with.  

The 2 resin 28mm Jolly Boats are from Games of War and have bags of lovely detail although there were far more air holes than I had originally noticed in their raw state.  

Finally a Mercedes truck originally picked up from ebay and converted to be used in a pulp setting.  Additional baggage, tarpaulin, spades and tow chain all added all that remained was to paint it up and then weather the whole ensemble.  What is less evident is that it has parked up on top of a dinosaur skeleton!  

The 4 figures are from Black Hat miniatures and represent Hopping vampires or if these are not permitted then they could always be sleepwalking Chinese priests!

This post just demonstrates how wonderful the Challenge has been in order to clear up unfinished or stalled projects, something I am eternally grateful for.

Excellent work Michael! I love the Merc truck especially. I dunno about any Hopping Vampires but I know those dudes are definitely channelling 'The Four Tops'. 

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for them to do some finger-snapping 'doo-whaaps' and a few slick synchronized moves... Maybe we can call them 'The Four Hops'!  

Y'know, it's just an idea.

These various vehicles and the Motown Vampires will give Michael 110 points and enough for him to meet his Challenge target. Congratulations and thanks so much for participating!


  1. Lovely figures and vehicles Michael!

    "Hopping vampires"? Could Nosferatu have bitten and turned the "Jumping Jews of Jerusalem" from Blackadder? ;)

  2. An eclectic collection to round out the challenge. The truck is quite excellent - what is the manufacturer?

    1. Thank you and the truck is a Matchbox, models of Yesteryear.

  3. I do like that truck, you have done a great job with it


  4. Love the truck, especially all the customisation work. Repaints are great fun and the pulp ones are the best for my mind.

  5. Thank you all, can't say how glad I am to get that lot off the table.

  6. Great stuff the boats are so nice my old man has tracked down the company and ordered two already (My Mum thanks you :) )


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