Monday, March 18, 2013

From JuanM: 28mm Afghans, Poles a Mercedes & Ronin #20 (65 points)

From Juan:
Here is, I think, my last entry for this year´s "The Challenge". I have been able to paint an small group of figures, but I have had no much time, I´m painting terrain elements for my Afghanistan first game and, also some Science Fiction figures. At least, this years I have been more disciplined with my topics! 
First up, is an Afghan insurgent and a civilian from Eureka Miniatures in 28mm. Really nice models very easy to paint.
Secondly, a Mercedes SUV from Company B, also in 28mm. This one is for my Contractors team.

Thirdly, at last, Curt's Ronin. This figure is an old Dixon Miniatures model I have had for many years. I like a lot these figures, and would like to paint some more of them, specially for this period, the Mogol Invasions.

And finally, two Polish soldiers in the French pay, 28mm models from Murawski Miniatures (only the sapper and the soldier at his left can participate in The Challenge). These are fantastic models sculpted by Paul Hicks. They are wonderful, wonderful.
I have other two figures on the table but I´m not sure if I'll finish them on time.

Awesome work as usual, Juan. That civilian checking out the bloomers just kills me. His expression perfectly conveys that race, religion and politics aside, shopping is truly universal. Your Ronin #20 is beautiful and you've done a wonderful job on his ornate armour. Finally your Poles are marvellous - I'm very jealous of you as I've not been able to source these figures yet but look forward to trying them out.

Ronin# 30 along with his Afghan and Polish compatriots will give Juan 65 points.  Well done and thank you very much! 


  1. great entry all great well done throughout the challenge
    Peace James

  2. A nice mix of really nice sculps and so very well painted


  3. Great work Juan! :)

    The Ronin in particular is fantastic :)

  4. Excellent work Juan. Great submission - and I also particularly love the Ronin.

  5. Damn nice work Juan! Love the Ronin and the Afgan civilian selling his wares.


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