Monday, March 18, 2013

From MikeP: 28mm Samurai, Ronin #28 & Oktoberfest Hottie (45 points)

'Quick, protect the girl with the beer and nice badonkadonk.'
This may be my last entry before the deadline. There is a unit of horse on my painting table that may get done in time if I pull an all nighter. We'll see.
I am happy to say that this entry includes Ronin 28, my entry fee. He is the fellow holding the severed head of his foe and bellowing in triumph. Perhaps he can be the ronin who takes the courtier's head to the grave of Lord Asano?

The samurai figures in this entry are 28s from The Assault Group. A few words on the awesomeness of TAG are in order here. I ordered a blister of four samurai with katana and got the other four chaps shown in the attached photos. The fellow with the head came on his own in a blister entitled "Special Edition" which they seem to have thrown in for free. I am becoming a huge fan of TAG for classy gestures like this and don't mind paying a bit more for their stuff.

Of the other four samurai, three will be going to Curt because I am also a fan of the SPCA and have no practical use for them. One will go to my friend Krista Johns, who runs the blog Flat-Out Whimsy (shameless plug here).

Also, in the hopes of winnng either Sarah's choice (I think it was for civilian female fgure?) I also present Samurai Beer Garden Girl. 

She is the Reaper 28mm Oktoberfest Fraulein, which I bought for my Weird War Two campaign where she will be an Allied agent (code name Katana) gathering intelligence in German beer gardens and practising some wicked Kill Bill style sowrd moves that she learned from hanging around with these guys.

I also got her because I am moving to Kitchener/Waterloo this summer and I like Oktoberfests. :)

Awesome Mike! Thanks so much for Ronin #28. He is suitably badass and you've done a remarkable job on his and his compatriots' armour - such vibrant colours! Miss Katana is lovely and I'm sure will be the scourge of the nefarious Nazis (if she doesn't succumb to exposure first).

Ronin #28, his comerades and 'Katana' will give Mike a well-earned 45 points. 


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