Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From IanW: 6mm Napoleonic French & 28mm WWII German (89 points)

From Ian:
So what have we here? I went back to the meat and potato of my work over the last year and a half and painted up yet more French 6mm. Five Light Infantry bases of 28 men and one Line base with yet another 28 figures for a total of 168 infantry or half the number of the last two submissions. The reason is that the rest of the French that I own will be French allied troops and I won't buy any more Baccus till the new French are released (two weeks then LOL)

Quite a basic paint job really, primed in Ultramarine blue then painted over in Dark Blue with a Vallejo blue wash added. I was going to do the usual Nut Brown Ink wash but they looked to nice and bright to do that so have left these alone. Overall I am quite pleased with them and feel they are the best last entry from me this year.

Also included is a 28mm Black Tree German that I painted with the others but never varnished as I want to put it on a larger diorama base that I have yet to do. That's for later. The figure even has detail underneath which is rather daft but then again I did paint that as well. 

I took a picture of his face as again not sure why I painted in the eyes as they are unlikely to be seen but I did. I even did the eagle on his chest, I must be barking!

So as I offer my last figures to the challenge I wish for all of you great things for the rest of the year, especially you Curt, as none of us can really fully appreciate the work you have done over the last three months, so a very big thanks for that.
Now for a few days off, of course what I mean is a few days sorting out the £70 of Adler I had yesterday and painting up a few test buildings before doing the whole lot of my Spanish buildings for these French to fight over.

Wonderful final effort Ian! While I've always liked your WWII stuff it's your 6mm work that always gets my vote. Beautiful work.

This final entry will give Ian 89 points to close his climb up the roster. This will allow him to achieve his second points target of 2K. Bravo Ian! Thank you, it's been a pleasure to have you participate in the Challenge again. Now start planning for next year...


  1. I certainly look forward to next year though I hope to be working so my output will be much lower. You can bet on it having lots more 6mm on the menu


  2. Lovely bunch of 6mm French Ian and you are definitely insane painting the details on the underside of that German. I've got an idea of how you could not waste that effort - have him crawling across a large glass skylight of a factory building :)

  3. I found these 6mm French quite inspirational for motivating me to get to the ones I had planned to do for the Challenge. I also thought Tamsin had a great idea for your German. Another idea might be that he mouthed off his feldwebel and was told to do 100 push ups. Lovely figure.


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