Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From BurkhardS: 28mm Napoleonic Prussian Artillery (120 points)

From Burkhard:

So in the nick of time, here is my final entry for this years competition. These models are to represent the Prussian Berittene Batterie Nr. 2 (Horse Artillery Battery No. 2) for my Völkerschlacht project. Not much to tell about these, since they were quiet a straight forward job. It is amazing how little I manage to get done these days. The guns were painted the weekend before the last and the crews this last weekend. This was my best shot at getting the final two points to meet my target together (and to actually surpass it) with a decent entry. The worst thing was getting them based. Not I glue the minis to their base using two part epoxy. So that first step takes about a day to dry. The next step is applying filler to the bases to reduce the pitcher mound look from the integral bases. And there goes another 12 hours drying time. The Rest of the basing is quiet straightforward with sand, tuffs and static grass, but it meant that I was constantly afraid of not being able to finish them in time. Back to the minis themselves. They are from Calpe and easily my favourite range when it comes to Napoleonic Prussians. I wish I had found the time to do a French Infantry unit for this challenge.

Since this will be my final entry I would like to say a few things. First of all I really enjoyed myself. I never entertained any hopes of winning. I am a slow painter, constantly work overtime and most of my entries were Napoleonics (which take me the longest by far of all the eras I paint). But it helped me do just what I wanted... get me motivated to paint a lot of minis so I can hope to have everything painted in time for Crisis in Antwerp this fall, where I am going to host my Völkerschlacht game. My inital goal had been 500 points which I felt were going to be a stretch, but somewhere along the way I was happy to raise that to 700 to get me more motivated. If my math does not fail me I shall have surpassed that goal by more than 100 points. So I am really happy for this challenge for it allowed me to make a big leap on my timetable.

I would also like to apologize to my fellow Ronin. I had far too little time to look at your entries (usually only once every one or two weeks). I was really impressed by the company I had and by the quality of your works. So I wish I would have had more time to comment on your entries, instead of restricting myself to the most recent ones, when I had the time to look. You all would have deserved more attention from my part.
And last I would like to thank Curt for his efforts. Hosting this kind of challenge for nearly 50 people is madness. Still finding the time to help his friends during times of hardship at the same time is more than applaud able. In this sense, like a true Samurai you are one fine example of giri-ninjo. Arigatō, Curt-San!
Wow, that is one gorgeous battery of guns Burkhard. I really like that you've dirtied up both the guns and the crew to reflect them being out in the field. Very impressive.

These Prussian guns and their crew will give Burkhard 120 points which will be more than enough for him to meet his Challenge target. Well done and congratulations.

Thanks very much for your kind words Burkhard. It was a great to have you join us in this little cabal of toy soldier madness.


  1. great entry and well done on pushing passed your streach goal.
    Peace James

  2. These are so very good, the in field look about them really works


  3. Lovely artillery Burkhard. Well done on passing your target. I've enjoyed looking at your work over the past 3 months :)

  4. Excellent painting Burkhard, love the well worn look on their uniforms.

  5. A very fine battery, I particularly like the muddy guns. What product do you use for that effect?

  6. Thank you all a lot. It has been a fine company to keep for the past three month and you comments have meant and mean a lot to me!

    Thanks for all the nice comments about the mud. @Phyllion: to be honest... Just paint. I used the same colours and technique I used for the uniforms:


    To all those who enjoyed my works (here comes the shameless plug), I would like to invite you to visit my blog from time to time:


    Thank you all,


  7. Thank you Burkhard for your gracious words here and for all your terrific Napoleonic entries. I am just getting into Napoleonics in 6mm and will keep coming to your blog for inspiration after this Challenge. It was a pleasure getting to know you and your work.


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