Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From RobP: 28mm Mahdist Ansars Warband (235 points)

From Rob:
The last bit that will pull me over the threshold of my personal challenge/goal is a bunch of Mahdist Ansar. These are Perry plastics and although I am not a great fan of the plastic stuff I have to say that these are extremely nice figures.. Lots of character and a lot of possibilities for variation. They were actually a lot of fun to put together without any hassle like I had when trying to construct some of the early Victrix plastics (which i never finished and ended up giving them away.).
This is a bunch of 31 brave warriors looking for a honourable end and the reward of number of virgins in prophets paradise. Flag is from the Flag Dude. 

Again some ACW Union Irish Brigade figures: 8 skirmishers and an extra command base to be more versatile when breaking up the larger regiments in the brigade to form seperate smaller units... All figures are Foundry and the flags, as they are in all regiments, are from Redoubt.. I bought them at a bargain at a trade show some time ago and they turn out to be OK.. Not as good as the GMB flags i normally use but in the end they did the job.. 
Next up is the Challenge Entry Ronin.. I am not sure about the make of this figure.. It is one of a small pack of three that i bought a long time ago at a trade show.. I think it is a Foundry figure but might also be Dixon.. I have repainted it a few times during the challenge because I could notdecide on the colours to use... It ended up in a totally different  colourscheme than i started with and it was finished only today at the end of the Challenge... 

I must say it has been a fun ride doing this challenge.. Although I had a slow start in December I finally managed to achieve my personal target and I´ve got a lot of stuff done that otherwise would have taken longer or wouldn´t even get painted at all.. Good for you Curt and a big hurrah! to keep us on track with finishing something that we can replace with hew purchases to keep the leadpile at the same level... 

Great work Rob.  They look suitably ferocious. I know plastics can be a bit of a pain but you've done an excellent job on these fellows. And thank you so much for your Ronin! He looks the business and I really like the vibrant red bow. 

This warband of Ansars, American and Ronin #35 will give Rob 235 points. Bravo! Another member of the Dutch Waterbicycle Detachment breaks into the clear.


  1. These look great and I see you have more figures part painted behind.


  2. Really like the ACW in their greatcoats and the Andar. The flag in particular, I think I'll definitely get Flag Dude ones too. - the washed out look really suits them!

  3. Well done Rob. Congratulations on attaining your Challenge goal. I really like your Irish Brigade figures. They look like they would storm the gates of hell for a barrel of whiskey.


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