Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From MichaelF: 28mm AWI, Revolutionary War French, ACW & Ronin #27 (146 points)

From Michael:

First a couple of AWI rebels to complement my skirmishers from the previous entry. Pretty soon they will get some actions when we try our first game of Muskets and Tomahawks. Perry figures so great animation but also a lot of free unwanted metal.

Next some Eureka figures from their revolutionary line which I initially paint for the wars of the third coalition. With little modification though these can be used from 1800-1807 in many different campaigns.
Unfortunately I only managed to do 20 while I planned to do the whole 36 man battalion this competition. I'm sort of dissapointed with this so I set my own new deadline for March to complete them.

The quality of these is just insane and I've become a huge fan. Luckily they will be at Salute again this year so the Eureka lead pile will grow substantially I'm afraid.
Another thing I'm constantly exploring is the use of smaller scale miniatures for grand scale battles. I' just cannot decide which scale and period but once in a while I do some testing. I would not have posted this experiment but hey, every point counts now.
So this is just 1 base of 10mm ACW from pendraken.  I think they would look great if you have lots and lots of them but I'm not sure if I can paint up that many. Maybe I should just use a painting service for this project...
Second picture is a comparison shot. Don't know why but they are a  28mm from Steve Barber, 15mm Blue Moon and the 10mm pendrakens. 

Finally the entrance fee. I know virtually nothing on this subject and I knew researching it would drive me crazy and I would probably end up ordering a new collection of figures. So I just sat down and painted some colours on the Perry figure.

For the Sashimono a friend who studied Japanese came to the rescue. While it's assumably very incorrect for someone who knows Late Middle Japanese  it's an attempt at least. So this one is for you Sarah, it has  you're name on it...

Now I must admit that I was overwhelmed by the Japanese armour and all the bells and whistles on the Samurai figs I have here so I was not very keen to paint him in the first place. But how wrong could I have been. I had so much fun painting him (while also working as a robot on the Naps) that I actually started researching to get into the period (mission accomplished Curt:). I will definitely get me some more of these now...
Curt, thanks again for hosting the competition! It's been pleasure to participate again and admiring all the submissions. The personal challenge is a great addition and makes it even more fun. Many thanks, great job and the Dutch Samurai figs will start their march to Saskatchewan soon (with the base corrected, just noticed it has some damage).

 Yikes, such beautiful work, Michael. I've always been such a great admirer of your style as the application and transitions are so nice and smooth. Wonderful.

Thanks so much for the samurai! He's awesome and Sarah will be ever so chuffed to see her name 'in sashimono'. :)

This fabulous selection of figures will give Michael 146 points, giving him enough to meet his Challenge target. Great work Mike and thanks so much for joining in on the fun again.


  1. how insain are the details on those 10mm ACW, great work on all your style is very pleasing to the eye.
    look forward to crossing swords next year
    Peace James

  2. Again great work all round


  3. Fabulous work all round Michael! :)

  4. Terrific work all around Michael. The samurai is simply breathtaking. Like you I was intimidated by the idea of painting something so exotic but you rose to the challenge and made jot look easier. I really love the comparison shot. The 10mm figures look just as well painted as their big 28mm brothers.


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