Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From RayR: 15mm Scottish Pikemen (546 points)

Well, we've all been waiting for our previous year's Champion to start his dash to the finish. So not to disappoint, here's Ray with his final run-in:
Its a big one!! Like Tamsin I've been busy painting pike units, not Swiss though, but Scots for the Battle of Flodden. 
There are 16 units of 16 figures. 15 represent King James IV's command at the battle and one unit the green flagged unit Lord Home's is from his command.

All the pikemen are from Peter Pig while the front rank troops are from a variety of manufacturers including Essex, Peter Pig, Donnington, Frei Korps, MY, Feudal and  Minifigs.

There are another 30 odd of these pike blocks left to paint, I've stared some, but don't think they'll make the Challenge! Unlike some other stuff waiting in the wings!!!!

Excellent work Ray. I imagine this is only the first sandbag to fall away from you as you dash in? Cheeky git.

These sixteen (!) units with their lovely banners all proudly flappity-flapping will give Ray 546 points. Yep, you read right. 546. That is a shed-load of points in anyone's books! Well done young man!  

Now, the question is: Does Tamsin have the 200+ points to bridge the gap?


  1. dam is it raining sandbags :)
    Good entry Ray

  2. 16 x 16 figures? 256 pikemen? Well, they do say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery so I'll take it as a compliment that Ray copied my last entry! :D

    Sadly, I can't quite bridge that points gap. Maybe Ian will have submitted enough figures to prevent Ray taking the number 5 spot! ;)

  3. Ray you b'stard! This is what happens when you have a job that allows you to paint all day. Try doing it when customers come through the door every 5 minutes - the inconsiderate sods.

    BTW nice paint job.

  4. What a sight! It's flagtacular!! And another 30 blocks to add to it?!?! The mind boggles...

  5. These are great mate, you deserve that top 5 position, well done


  6. Its raining sandbags! Another stack of pike, most impressive.

  7. An epic pile of pike. Epic. Epike. Yike! By Mike


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