Friday, January 3, 2014

From AlanD: 28mm Wild West Townspeople (60 points)

From Alan:
Meet the latest 12 inhabitants of Hurricane, and the first figures for the New Year. These people are a cross section of frontier life. 
We have three pillars of the community, dressed to the nines and in search of profit, all from Wargames Foundry, then a couple of storekeepers (Foundry) with their boy (Great Escape), who fancies himself as a gunfighter, two Foundry shootists backed up by a figure from Great Escape packing a shotgun, and finally three lawmen from Foundry. 

I particularly like the deputy in his underwear, grabbing his gun and running out onto the street. At least he's taken the time to pin on his badge.

There must be a story here. Happy New Year everyone.

Great work Alan. Yep, the deputy in his one-piece is a winner for sure though I really like the lady in the floral dress as well. 

These Hurricanians will give Alan points. Well done! 


  1. Crisp and tidy brushwork. Also the striping on those pants is excellent!

  2. Very well done again! Your city will be an awesome sight.

  3. Yee haw Pardner! A deputy in a Onessey Well the youth of today, what Can you say!

  4. The town must be filling up, all these wonderful figures, another great job

  5. Great work on these Alan. Hurricane is growing nicely now.

  6. Excellent work. These figures are very nice.

  7. These are lovely, Hurricane sure is filling up with some nice looking people, when do you start killing them?


  8. Love the woman in the flowery dress, I've seen that look before!!!

  9. I give 5 out of 5 yeehaws!


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