Friday, January 3, 2014

From KevH: 15mm English Civil War Command Stands - Charles I (22 points)

KevH continues to crack on in pursuit of winning the 1000 point side-challenge between him and Andrew.

From Kev:
Next up are 2 15mm commands for my newly aquired ECW armies. The armies were based for DBR and have now been rebased for Pike & Shotte. I purchased some command from my local store (Emporium). 
This is the Royalist CinC (Charles I) and a cavalry commander. 15mm Essex miniatures. Hand painted royal standard, that was a bugger to paint.

Ooh! Lovely work Kev. That banner is lovely, marvellous stuff.

These two command stands will give Kev 22 points, with a few more added for the excellent hand-painted standard. There is still one more coming up Andrew... ;)


  1. Great looking commands, the banner is indeed a beauty. Dean

  2. Very nice Kev I have to hand it too you bud, you certainly managed to sneak away from the wife for prolonged enough periods to get some work done.

  3. Marvellous work Kev, especially hand painting that banner.

  4. Great stuff Kev!! That's one of my bug bears about Essex! The caste on flags!! shudderrrrrr!!

  5. Huzzah for the ye King! Cracking stuff and the royal standard is superb.

  6. Very nice work! The standard is absolutely amazing.

  7. Cheers everyone for the kind comments.
    I have a few commands to do for the new pike & shotte we will be using.

  8. Goodness these are lovely and my Favourite period as well


  9. They look really nice love the banners


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