Friday, January 3, 2014

From FranL: 28mm Fantasy & 15mm Modern (213 points)

From Francis:
28mm Reaper Bones 2 Golem and a present from Anne O'Leary.
Another 28mm Golem I believe from the same pack and outfit also from Anne, quiet big figures!
Foundry Minotaur from when we were at Blog-Con, I've included another picture (top of post) of a 28mm Harpy from Foundry to show the size of the beastie!
5 28mm Harpies also from our time at Blog-Con, no idea why I got them but I remember a scene from the movie "Waiting" and the angry bush!

Next are some 15mm Modern Somali Pirates or African Irregulars from Khurasan Miniatures.....
15mm Modern Us Army Vehicles and armour (10), 3 M1A2 Abrams on the back row, 3 Bradleys in the middle, and 4 Humvees (1 destroyed), they are a mixture of Khurasan, Zvedza and Peter Pig.

15mm Modern US Army Infantry Platoon from Khurasan Miniatures, 37 figures but I believe there should be 38 but I think the fecker is hiding among the US Marines.........

Nearly finished a modern British infantry platoon and have started the bloody bloggers for charity figures plus some 15mm viral zombies.........

Wow, great work Fran! Those golems are very cool, especially the stone one. 

This wide assortment of miniatures will give Francis 213 points, just 13 points shy of his 600 point target and winning the 600 Point Duel. Now, will one of the others pip him at the finish line?


  1. wow great stuff Fran some real treats there

  2. Great painting work, a lot of figures (and points!).

  3. Well done Fran I think you'll get the 600 points duel win. I am no where close. So unless anyone else is it looks like it's yours. I have the figure finished to send the winner. Very nicely done.

  4. Great collection fo stuff in this entry Fran :)

  5. Cracking job Fran, love the Minotaur , if you added budgie smugglers ... It could be Ray surely?

    1. I thought the other Golem was a cracking look-a-like!

  6. Think you've won the 600 point dual pal!!! Love the Minotaur figure but I'm not quite sure why????

  7. Very nice all round but I think the harpies are my favourites.

  8. That's quite a bunch of nicely painted figures!

  9. What a great mix you are turning into a machine for this challenge


  10. Nicely done Fran! I've been enjoying your modern units in this challenge, looks like you have enough for Ak-47 or any other modern wargame. I'm happy to note a lack of desert in your forces...but you could use a RSTA unit! Recon, Surveilance, Target Aquisition! Good solid infantry at that, not Cav. We steal the horses! ;)

  11. Thats a load of figures, and variety great job

  12. You did a grand job on those Golems Fran! Big figures for a big man!!!


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