Friday, January 3, 2014

From ClintB: 10mm Sudanese Arab Camel Riders (30 points)

From Clint:
Here are a few more 10mm Pendraken Arabs for the Sudan. Today 15 Camels with riders. All painted and based to match my Fuzzy Wuzzy's shown a couple of days ago. 
One round stand to act as a scout and 7 stands each of 2 figures to function as the first mounted component to the Mahdi's army. Base sizes are 20mm by 30mm  just in case you want to work out how big the figures are!

Great work Clint! These are great and your backdrop really places them in the right setting.

This 'troop' of camel riders will give Clint 30 points. Very nice.


  1. I bet they gave you the Hump, sorry could not resist. Lovely work Clint you have captured the detail excellently at this scale

  2. Impressive work for 10mm Clint.

  3. Very well done! Especially considering the tiny scale.

  4. Great work Clint if you want any more 10mm Sudan stuff drop me a line I have loads of them looking for a good home.
    Peace James

  5. I thought they were bigger than 10mm, excellent stuff


  6. Yes they are so well done i thought they were 15 mm, great job

  7. Cheers Folks Really appreciate the kind words.


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