Friday, January 3, 2014

From BrendonW: 28mm Gladiators, Normans and Cowboys (72 points)

Brendon tells me that he has a relative visiting soon and so he decided to press on with getting multiple entries done before their arrival - so we have here a feast for the eyes!

From Brendon:
I really like the sculpting of some of these Gladiators more than others and the Thracian with the curved sword is one of those figures I rate highly. It's awesome and a pleasure to paint. Only 2 figures in this submission and both Foundry 28mm but unlike the previous ones I photographed I took these shots outside in the shade in the morning. It's a much better result. Providing it's not seasonal monsoonal rain here, I will try and use the same technique for my future submissions.

The feather topped Gladiator has the shield sculpted on which doesn't really help when you paint it but the Thracian comes with a separate shield. It seems a shame to cover his finely sculpted hand with a shield but such is the life of a Gladiator. 

I tried a new product (GW Blood) and while I am not usually a fan of the over use of blood on figures it adds a splash of violent colour to these slaves.

Next, 28mm Norman Knights from Conquest Games. 2 Plastics and 1 Metal figure. I really like this product. I like painting them and I like building them. I think the King type hero is brave indeed for maintaining his balance wearing all that Armour and getting his horse to rear back like that.

My Norman collection has grown since it was started for 'Saga' and I felt the need for another unit flag-waver and champion as well as a stand out Noble Lord or King. This expansion will see my collection travel beyond skirmishing in 'Saga' world to other Army-type games.  The 2 Shields with Ochre yellow on them are hand painted while the kingly fella has a paint enhanced decal from Battleflag. I used up all the Knight decals I got from them but have some Infantry ones still. 
The problem is though, the Infantry ones are a lot smaller so I had to expand the pattern with a bit of freehand work. This includes the discarded shield on the rear of the unit champions base. I also stuck a shield boss on that one.
I only have 1 more unpainted Plastic Knight left in my collection and he will be completed by the end of this Challenge. Yippee!

And to wrap up, 6 x 28mm Cowboys from Foundry. These are my first gunslingers for the Wild West. The entry fee figure will look like one of these dudes so these are good trial figures. 
I wanted a gang who mostly wear black. The Black Hat Gang perhaps. The choice was inspired by the cover photo on the 'Motorhead', 'Ace of Spades' album. 
Turned out this did not make it easy. I had to brighten the images a little.  I use German Panzer Gray for black and once a khaki dust dry brush went on it help to show the detail. I kept any other colour in the dull end of the spectrum. 
Painting the bases fairly bright helps contrast this dark drab look. I dabbed a bit of Khaki on the flock as well to help with the dusty look. I purchased these a while back when 'Dead Mans Hand' was first released. I am yet to play a game but soon I will have a gang to gun fight with. Yeeehaw! Git SOME! 
This was a great series of entries Brendon, thanks! While they are all excellent I find my favourites are those two gladiators. Hmm, perhaps a future Challenge theme here? Now, I wonder...

This fine selection of figures will give Brendon 72 points, with a little extra added for the Norman shields and pennant. Well done and enjoy your upcoming visit!


  1. Great job, the knights look really nice

  2. Nice work, and yet more old west stuff!

  3. Lovely figures Brendon. I know what you mean about the Dux figure's positioning - I glued mine on a little further back so he didn't look as though he was about to fall off!

  4. What a great mix, that blood from GW looks rather good too


  5. All good stuff. Keep it coming

  6. Great painting work. Fantastic those Normands!

  7. That blood is amazingly lifelike. It catches the light and has a wet look to it which is grotesque!

    These are all wonderful but I think I like the Normans best. I've been thinking about the Conquest figs for my project and this might just have sold me.

  8. I love all of these! Especially the Normans - great painting!


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