Friday, January 3, 2014

From KentG: 28mm WWI British Cavalry, Japanese Infantry & Napoleonic French Artillery (195 points)

From Kent:
I had to get up really early to paint this morning as my family are demanding a paint free day where they get me all to themselves, so sneaky me decided as long as they aren't awake I'm free to paint 3 hours - later I had to stop.
This time I have a bit of a mix there are 9 28mm Great War British Renegade miniatures, when I opened the box sadly one horse was completely snapped of and another wasn't in the best of shape so I drilled out the legs and pinned the horse to its base, so far so good.
Then I painted 9 WWII Japanese jungle fighters based for the Bolt Action ruleset. 

Last but not least there are two Perry stands 12 pdrs with 4 crew each, these were a replacement when they sent the wrong guns, so i thought about time I got them cleaned off the table.

Again, fabulous work Kent. I always have a soft spot for Great War and Napoleonic figures (and these are lovely) but those Japanese infantry are particularly fine.

This selection of miniatures will give Kent 195 points to add to his total, which makes him the first to break 1K mark in this Challenge. Bravo Kent!


  1. Well done Kent we will not tell your wife about you being a secret painter :)

  2. Thanks I've taken the weekend off that should help

  3. Sneaky... Like it. Nice work again as ever. Particularly like the lancers.. Lovely.

  4. More great work, fantastic


  5. Replies
    1. I think there's more than just a few of this at it. I watched the sun come up today brush in hand :-)

  6. Very well done; very nice those Japanese!

  7. Great colours on all of these, but especially the greens on the helmets. Really convincing. Nice to see the Emperor's Daughters getting some love too.

  8. And covered nearly 150years of war with one submission! All are well done, but I like the British cav best. I know they are out there, but they don't seem to get painted much. Those lads are nicely painted and well animated!

  9. Beautiful painting - those WW1 cavalry are amazing

  10. Awesome painting! The cavalry is amazing.


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