Thursday, January 2, 2014

From IanW: 6mm French Napoleonic Infantry (200 points)

From Ian:
I finally finished the Grand submission, well it's from the Grande Army. Followers of my blog will not be surprised to see 6mm Napoleonic figures from me as a mate had the idea that we should do Waterloo in 2015 (for some reason?????) OK I said not realizing the idea was to have every battalion from the battle so here is a shot in the arm for my French.
Thirteen 28 figure battalions of the new Baccus infantry with four Adler Infantry mounted commanders for a total of 364 PBI and 4 mounted. You see I was not doing nothing this last ten days.

I really like the new Baccus French figures, they retain the same ease of painting but the castings are nice and crisp as the old moulds were getting tired. These are not really Waterloo figures and I have used the 1804 flags as they will see a lot more action away from Belgium such as Spain and Russia.
When the Waterloo French are released by Baccus I will of course buy into these and I can't wait for the figures in greatcoats to come my way for something a little quicker to paint.
I ran close to running out of flags as I have just two left so until I restock the other five battalions I have prepped will have to wait their turn. I think I just have a total of twelve unpainted battalions left so will have to order more. I have a bunch of Adler yet to be worked but these will wait till after the challenge as the amount of time to prep and paint are much longer and I would prefer to do them at the more relaxed pace.

Thirteen Battalions was a little (lot) more than advisable and I am glad to have finished them and will be taking a break from 6mm for a few weeks before I tackle the Zulu's or Landwehr I have in my to do boxes. So next up will be some of the 28mm figures I got in for the challenge then probably back to Rome.

Wooo! Grande Armee indeed. Ian, that there is a boat-load of Napoleonics, make no mistake. This lot will give Ian 200 points, with a little sugar added for the brave banners. Well done Ian!


  1. Good to see you've not been sitting on your hands! These are lovely and your Waterloo project will be something else when complete.

  2. Great stuff Ian, got to love the grand battalions
    Peace James

  3. Oh my they look amazing in mass very cool

  4. Very nice!

    I do love the 6mm and 10mm figures for large battles. They really do look the thing.

    What rule set are you planning on using?

  5. Top work Ian!!!! Gotta love the Grand Scale!

  6. They look really impressive.

  7. 6mm Trills. I think there is something great about the small scale armies. They evoke the big battles from history very well.

  8. That's a whole lot of lovely little men Ian :)

  9. That is impressive Ian! They look formidable on that table!

  10. Looking good! You are really bringing the tiny guys alive

  11. Yay! Your Grande armée looks gorgeous!

  12. Oh wow , looking excellent - nice to see the masses

  13. Really great and complex work! Fantastic the view.

  14. Thanks everyone

    That's around 10-15% of what we need for the French, at some point I will photograph all that I have painted to this point.

    Rob, we are using our own rules, should make them available to download at some point. Seem to work well in medium sized games (30-40 units a side) but have yet to try with the 100+ per side that will prove if they work well enough for Waterloo.



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