Thursday, January 2, 2014

From TimB: 28mm Feudal Japanese

Tim sends in this stonking submission for his Feudal Japan project.

From Tim:
STILL More Feudal Japanese in 28mm. This is a mix of 37 Perry, Dixon and Black Hat Miniatures.  Finishing this batch up last night put me at 1000 28mm foot painted in 2013. 
The temperature in Saskatoon is -30°C with a windchill of -40°C... I damn near froze my fingers off trying to arrange these for picture taking - I do like taking pictures of my minis outside in the natural light whenever possible. Sometimes when I don't get one that's totally in focus I'd go back out and set them up again... not doing that today... so one or two of these pics aren't totally in focus. 
Four assorted armoured Ronin from Black Hat Miniatures. 
The backs of the Black Hat Ronin (to show off all their annoying... er... highly detailed cording) 
A merchant and two ronin I imagined as his yojimbo (bodyguards) - all from Dixon Miniatures

The backs of the Dixon Miniatures Merchant and Ronin. 

A few female samurai from Dixon Miniatures

The backs of the female samurai from Dixon Miniatures
A couple teppo gunners from Dixon Miniatures
Ashigaru teppo gunners from Perry Miniatures. 

I have about seven Bushi buntai that I am working on - the colours for each are based on the clans form the Legends of the Five Rings games (as many of the miniatures are from their old Clan Wars games). I thought I'd get a few Teppo gunners so they could all have the option of fielding one if they wished - hence the wildly different colours of the Ashigaru above.
The rest of the batch I finished up is a (more or less) complete Ikko-Ikki Buntai for Ronin. The entire buntai - all from Perry Miniatures. 
These are the leaders The Hanshou (the big boss - on the left) and a Monto Gashira (on the right) 
Four Monto (foot soldiers) armed with teppo
Five more Monto with various armour and close combat weapons. 
Eight Peasants with a mix of yari and improvised weapons. I also have a few other Perry Miniatures peasants I painted earlier with the "villagers" that I could add in to pad out the ranks. 

In the game the Ikko-Ikki buntai adds up to a little over 200 points - unlike the Bushi or Sohei buntais that would, for the most part, only be able to field one teppo gunner - due to the high point cost of their significantly better troops and thus low number - I could probably field three or four of these in a 150 point buntai. I am curious to see how swarms of totally crap troops do against the considerably smaller but hard-hitting and well armoured Samurai/Ashigaru of a Bushi Buntai.
Now... to find some "Villains" to paint...
Awesome effort Tim! These are all just wonderful. The samurai corded-armour is excellent but my favourite is still your patterning on the kimonos, robes and trousers. Very nice.

This group of 47 ministures will give Tim 200 points, with some points added for the detail work on the armour and the various patterns on the clothing. Well done!


  1. Wonderful stuff! I really like your style on these feudal Japan minis.

    I did my last photos outside for the first time today, a slightly less gruelling experience, with the UK at 7C or so. But they didn't come out well at all so I had to re-take them inside under daylight lamps.

    1. Thanks!

      Outdoor picture taking can be a little hit and miss - depending on the lighting conditions. But I'm too cheap to buy myself some good lamps/bulbs for taking pictures indoors... I'd rather spend my money on MORE TOYS!

  2. Great stuff. I really like the patterns you have chosen.

  3. Great work some real old sculpts there took me down memory lane
    Peace James

    1. The Dixon minis? Yeah, there's an elegant simplicity to then that I really love - yet so many people just don't seem to appreciate anymore. They are so fun to paint.


    2. Very true. They have a character of their own, which I remember fondly.

  4. These are just so very good


  5. Lovely figures Tim - great detail :)

  6. Very nice figures Tim! I'm always impressed by your speed and quality.

  7. Thank you all for you kind comments.

  8. Nice figures. You are a brave man indeed for shooting these in that kind of weather.

  9. The outside pictures are well worth the frost bite, it is the opposite here today 25 degrees with a very hot wind you shut the doors to keep out the heat, the figures look amazing really great job once again

  10. Big submission but a good one.
    Some great characters among them lot.
    Excellent work.

  11. It's a balmy 27C with a light wind here in Sydney today. Perfect weather for staying indoors and painting :-) Another cracking entry Tim. I have storage issues but they pale compared to what you must have!

  12. Just superb - especially the fabric designs


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