Thursday, January 2, 2014

From KevH: 28mm Two Crusader Orders(!) (358 points)

We continue with KevH's Winter Paint Offensive. Look out Andrew!

From Kev:
Next up are two Crusader military orders.
Once again these are 1/72 (or 20mm) - mostly Strelets with a few Italeri. These are for 'Hail Caesar'.
Each order has 6 mounted knights.
16 foot knights with spears.
...and 2 sub units of 8 archers and 8 crossbows.
The Hospitallers are in black while the Templars are in white.
Total of 12 mounted and 64 foot.

Whew! Another massive submission and this is not the last from him so stay tuned. 

These two warrior orders of Christendom (with all the trimmings) will give Kev 358 points. Woo! 


  1. Well painted and those flags really make this pop! The rumour is that Andrew's next submission is for 600 points (I may or may not be lying about that statement).

  2. Slow down chaps, let us part time painters catch up!!!! Top work Kev!

  3. Holy cow Kev! You've really motored through painting these and they look fab.

    Watch your back Andrew!

  4. Great work Kev always love your paint style

  5. Those are grand! It's nice to see a bunch of crusaders without the white tabards and red crosses as well. Chuck Norris wears black, the Hospitlars should be just as hard! ;)

  6. Wow awesome submission and wonderful painting

  7. I just spent five minutes looking for my jaw after it fell off and rolled under the table. How did you manage that sir? It's EPIC! And so well painted!

  8. Must be satisfying to have all those great looking figures ready for gaming.

  9. What a contrast between the two orders, very nice


  10. now thats a haul! a beautifully finished , well done Kev

  11. Thankyou everyone.
    I really enjoyed painting these.
    I have started a few saracens now although i do have more crusaders to finish.
    My new vikings are coming on nicely too

  12. Indeed well done Kev. I am painting every day but there is no way I could even think of matching your output and maintaining that quality. Excellent work.

  13. Very nice, Kev. You are incredible fast.

  14. Kev - these are awesome. What book would you recommend for someone wanting to start this period, but having no bloody idea where to start?

    1. Try the Armies of the Crusades, Osprey Men at Arms Number 75, Greg
      Its what I used, oh and the Dvd "The Cresent and the Cross" is good viewing.


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