Monday, December 30, 2013

From TimB: 28mm Sohei Warrior Monks (55 points)

From Tim:
Here are another 11x28mm figures here, all Sohei monks.
This batch finishes of a Sohei Buntai for Ronin – Skirmish Wargames in the Age of the Samurai. All of the figures are from Perry Miniatures.
Two Senior Sohei 
Three Sohei
Four Initiates with Naginata (well…  one actually has a Yari….)
Two Initiates with Teppo

I also have a Grand Master that I finished up previous to the start of the Challenge. The force so far totals about 300 points – depending on what optional attributes were taken. There is a bit of a lack of missile weapons in this list. Perry doesn’t make any bow-armed monks, but I was looking at their catalogue again yesterday and noticed some of their ashigaru with bows could easily be converted to look like monks… so I may be adding to this force in the not-to-distant future.
Wonderful work Tim! I like the posh Samurai well enough, but my favourites have always been the warrior monks - they always seem like such bad-asses going into combat with their minimalist robes and head scarves.

These Sohei lads will give Tim 55 points and keeping him within striking distance of the top three positions...


  1. Very nice work. I especially like the chaps with the Naginata.

  2. So very nice i really do like your style of painting

  3. Nicely done Tim - How do you like the Ronin Rule Set?

    1. Thanks Miles. I like it so far. There are some interesting mechanisms that I like. I think it will work well for small, quick one-on-one games. I could see it really bogging down fast in a multi-player game or a larger game.

  4. Again more good looking figures, well done


  5. Very nice, the more I read the more I am looking at Ronin and trying to scrape cash together to get it and other goodies.

  6. Nice work by Tim, as always. Smart "conversion" of ashigaru too. Dean

  7. I am enjoying these , good job!

  8. Rather good sir, in fact... top notch. Well done!

  9. Great figures I have still to get a game of Ronin going but alrady have a load painted for it with more to come
    Peace James


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