Monday, December 30, 2013

From AaronH: 28mm Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary Cavalry (60 points)

From Aaron:
The last six of my Roman cavalry.  Not much to say about these that hasn’t already been said.  These guys were done pretty quickly, but only because of the way I paint.  When I’m working on a set of models I like to have the next set standing by.  
If I have too much paint then I’ll transition to the next guys in the queue and use it up.  This works best, of course, when they are getting the same paint scheme.  In the case of this unit these models were about a third painted when I started on them this morning.

I also included a shot of all twelve of the cavalry.  They’ll be a nice big unit on the table.  With all of the newly painted units for this army I’m sure to lose the next game but it should look good at any rate.

You may loose next battle but your army will leave fabulous looking corpses. Great work Aaron! It's nice to see the whole unit all ranked-up and good on you for preserving through the lot as I know that painting cavalry can be a bit of a slog.

These six cavalrymen will give Aaron 60 points. Well done!


  1. great stuff the whole unit looks very impressive
    Peace James

  2. Very nice painting work. Of course, they are going to performe really bad in their first action on the table...

  3. Wonderful work again! And many thanks for the pic of the whole unit.


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