Monday, December 30, 2013

From JuanM: 28mm Crusader Spearman & Arab Civilians (40 points)

From Juan:
Here is my second entry for The Challenge. I have a lot of minis half painted on the table, from very different projects and ideas, so it is a bit mad!
I have painted a Crusader spearman, a 28mm plastic figure from Fireforge Games. I don´t like plastic figures because they are, in spite of all the complements they have, a bit basic and "plain". I prefer the white metal ones, but these ones have some interesting poses and are really fun to paint. I´m reading "Deus Vult" in this moment, so I´m testing also some figures I have...

Finally, there are the Arab civilians I was unable to paint last week. They are 28mm Perrys. Small and very fine figures that I´m going to use from Palestine to Afghanistan.

Lovely work Juan. Civilians are such great figures to have on the table as they really help establish the setting and these are a real treat. 

The Crusader and civilians will give Juan 40 points. Well done!


  1. Wonderful work Juan. Top notch.

  2. Very nice indeed. I've been tempted by the Fireforge Crusades range as well.

  3. I really like the palette of colours you have used on the Arab civilians

  4. Thank you a lot! About the palette, I have used the nearest pots I had, looking for a "rural" aspect.

  5. Great work especially on the civilians.

  6. Lovely civilians, I've the very same set and it is most useful for countless settings.


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