Monday, December 30, 2013

From JuanM: 28mm Crusader Spearman & Arab Civilians (40 points)

From Juan:
Here is my second entry for The Challenge. I have a lot of minis half painted on the table, from very different projects and ideas, so it is a bit mad!
I have painted a Crusader spearman, a 28mm plastic figure from Fireforge Games. I don´t like plastic figures because they are, in spite of all the complements they have, a bit basic and "plain". I prefer the white metal ones, but these ones have some interesting poses and are really fun to paint. I´m reading "Deus Vult" in this moment, so I´m testing also some figures I have...

Finally, there are the Arab civilians I was unable to paint last week. They are 28mm Perrys. Small and very fine figures that I´m going to use from Palestine to Afghanistan.

Lovely work Juan. Civilians are such great figures to have on the table as they really help establish the setting and these are a real treat. 

The Crusader and civilians will give Juan 40 points. Well done!


  1. Very nice indeed. I've been tempted by the Fireforge Crusades range as well.

  2. I really like the palette of colours you have used on the Arab civilians

  3. Thank you a lot! About the palette, I have used the nearest pots I had, looking for a "rural" aspect.

  4. Great work especially on the civilians.

  5. Lovely civilians, I've the very same set and it is most useful for countless settings.