Monday, December 30, 2013

From SamuliS: 15mm WWII American Paratroopers (91 points)

From Samuli:
Back from the holidays and at the painting station again. Starting to fall behind my schedule a bit, don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing this early. Either I have time to catch up or then I'll miserably fail... 
Anyhow here is the first part of my effort to paint up my Flames of War US Airborne army during the challenge. It's a full rifle platoon based with Kerr and King and Peter Pig products. Being a big fan of Saving Private Ryan, I had to include a bunch of dead cows on the bases. Luckily Kerr & King makes some in resin. Most of the bases for this platoon are Kerr & King resin with some small additions of Peter Pig stuff and then a few ones with only Peter Pig products. 

Maybe a bit too much to paint in one huge bunch as I did get quite frustrated at times when I had to paint the exact same stuff on 44 tiny minis at a time. First time I painted any 15mm without using metallics on rifles etc. and instead went with a mix of greys and blues to get a good shade. I think it turned out nicely and looks better in this scale than anything shiny. I also painted a representation of the US flag and 101st Insignia. The red was maybe a bit too bright, but looks good from a distance.

Next up a change in period and scale again by turning to 6mm ACW figures for a club project. Never done anything in that scale or era before so should be interesting.

Great work Samuli! Those resin bases work a treat and your non-metalic metal effect looks very good as well.

These US Paratroopers will give Samuli 91 points. I look forward to seeing your upcoming ACW entry...


  1. Very nice job. I wish I had thought to put dead cows on my bases for US Para troops. I can now see myself re-basing them after the challenge.

  2. "Moo-ve out boys!"

    Great work Samuli - the cows definitely add a certain something to the bases.

  3. Looking real nice love the basing

  4. These are great, the none metallic metal really works a treat


  5. Great stuff, and love the cows idea


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