Monday, December 30, 2013

From ByronM: 15mm WWII German 88s, PAK 75s and HMG Platoon (120 points)

From Byron:
Here is another batch of 15mm Flames of War Germans, that continues my “pile of lead” cleanup attempt.  These, as with the last were cleaned, based, and primed probably 8 years ago and then sat…  After doing up the 88’s last week I figured I would finish off a bunch of the rest of my primed 15mm’s.  This pretty much cleans the ones that I have together, so after these it is back to work on my 28mm WWI project. 
Here are the 88 carriages, with guns in transport more, that I couldn’t find in time to include in the last batch of painting. 
Also included are a pair of PAK 7.5 cm guns with crew, and two command squads with transports.  I know there should only be one, but I came across two and figure, why not paint them both.
Also rescued from the pile of lead in my closet are 4 HMG squads and their command squad, along with 5 half-tracks as transport and support for them.

OK, back to work on finishing a squad of 10th battalion Canadians and a squad of Germans.  Should be done those in a few days.

Lovely work Byron. I really like the subtle weathering on the vehicles and its nice to see some 88s on their carriages for a change - very cool.

This group will give Byron 120 points, enough for him to slip into third place in the overall points standing to date. Well done!


  1. Yes the 88s look great, always nice to clean up those figures that have been lying around nice job

  2. Looking good! I like the dusting

  3. I really like these, I am in danger of sliding into another period or scale


  4. Got to dig that early war scheme. Excellent finish on these.

  5. Nice to see some EW colour rather than the typical LW camo. Love the 88s still on their carriages too.

  6. Very nice! Have to agree with Mills... there's definitely not enough EW stuff out there.


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