Wednesday, December 25, 2013

From ClintB: 10mm Peasant Samurai (31 points)

Continuing on with the revolting peasants, we now turn from medieval europe to feudal Japan with these fine archers from a lower socio-economic class.

From Clint:

I have managed to finish an additional 32 Peasant archers. You will note that 15 are in blue/grey Hats and 15 are in brown Hats. The other two figures are a couple of spare low ranking Samurai each with a Sashimono Back banner to designate command bases. While this may not be historically accurate it is something which works on a wargames table and that is the function these troops are destined for. Needles to say the different coloured Hats will represent different armies, again while not totally historically accurate it does make it clear from a wargames point of view.
I have settled mostly on pastel shades as darker colours would be harder to dye and thus be more expensive to produce. I have also disregarded uniforms as I wanted a rag tag feel to the peasant troops feeling that they have probably come from the fields and workshops and their Lords have not decided to equip and train them to the level of Ashigaru.  As with the last lot all these figures are by Pendraken (code SAM 10) and were acquired as part of their starter army pack.
Lovely work Clint! I'm quite impressed with these, particularly the wonderful sashimono banners.

These lads will give Clint 31 points which includes a bit extra for the banners. Well done and Merry Christmas!


  1. Nice work, but who defied the Shogun and taught these peasants archery?! :)

  2. Slaving away over Christmas Curt? Oh dear...

  3. Nice batch of archers would want to be on the receiving end of all those arrows

  4. Thank you chaps. Your comments and encouragement mean a lot to me.

  5. Hard to believe these are 10mm, great work here


  6. More peasants … how revolting! Nice work, Clint. I am sure many a noble samurai will come a cropper before their bows.

  7. Great work Clint - your samurai armies are coming along nicely :)


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