Wednesday, December 25, 2013

From ByronM: Uncharted Seas Dwarf Fleet & Flame Spirit (30 points)

Byron changes pace again and submits to us this great Dwarf naval fleet and a very interesting looking Flame Spirit.

From Byron:
Part of my reason for entering this painting challenge was to reduce some of the clutter of unpainted items kicking around in my supposed walk in gamer closet, I say supposed because the mountains of lead and plastic usually prevent me from walking into it.  With that in mind I have two submissions that help clean up my to be painted list.
First up is a Dwarf Starter fleet for Uncharted Seas from Spartan Games.  It is a fun game, and simpler than the more popular Dystopian Wars, but one that both my kids prefer due to its simplicity.  This is one of the fleets that they play with, but has never gotten painted, as I can not convince them to pick up  a brush.  The pictures on the game mat just didn’t want to colour balance properly, so I have included an image to show the real colours against a white background as well.
Since these are gaming pieces, and generally played with by my teenage sons, they are quick paint jobs.  Just enough to add some colour to them and not have them pushing around white resin pieces.  I hope to get to the elf and human fleet sometime later in my cleanup process, but we will see.  

For anyone that hasn’t played a Spartan Games ship game, you really should give them a go.  Fun, fast, and massively destructive.  In them any 6 you roll for a hit, counts as 2 hits instead of 1 and lets you roll another die!  It’s called exploding 6’s and allows mass destruction to occur quickly at any time.
The second part of my cleanup is a single flame spirit figure from the Ten Thunders Clan from Malifaux.  I painted up his master over the summer (so do not give me points for her Curt) and I believe she came out pretty well, however, painting flame is not something that I think EVER works out well. Therefore the flame spirit has sat primed up waiting for paint since the summer.  I finally broke down and figured I would give it a go.

While not thrilled how it turned out up close, as a gaming piece from tabletop distance it does look pretty good and portrays the correct look.  Maybe I will figure out a better way to do flame someday, but until then this is it.
Lovely work Byron. We've played a lot of Dystopian Wars and quite enjoyed it but have not tried Uncharted Seas but I understand that they use pretty much the same core mechanics. May have to give it a go.

I really like your Flame Spirit as well. For the furnace-like 'Balrog look' I'd suggest adding both black and white to the base and highlights respectively.

This eclectic entry will give Byron 30 points. Nice job!


  1. Great work some real stunning models and painting
    Peace James

  2. Very well done! This dwarfen fleet really looks like up to the job at hand.

  3. Great stuff, really like the dwarves in US, paint job catches the spirit of their faction. Fire spirit looks just fine too!

  4. Walk-in gamer closet?! You lucky man

  5. These look great, the flame works well


  6. Really good, they are really good. Great effect with the flames!

  7. The Malifaux stuff is lovely, especially the warrior. It would be great to see a close up of the clothing as it looks like you put a pile of effort into the floral border...

  8. You're a machine Byron. Great work.

  9. Very nice, love the Flame spirit, very unusual!!


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