Wednesday, December 25, 2013

From EdwinK: 54mm WWII British Infantry (120 points)

Keeping to the Old Skool theme Edwin sends these marvellous 54mm plastic toy soldiers he's done-up for his nephew.

From Edwin:
Now Santa's been and gone, I can submit these.  They are twelve 58mm plastic figures (two prone) from Steve Weston's D-Day pack.
They're here because my wife thought it might be fun to paint them up as a Christmas present for her nephew.  Of course, she didn't realize that I wasn't going to start until 15 Dec and how long it would take me!

They're obviously in a 'toy soldier' style with limited detailing and a high gloss finish.  Hopefully they will survive contact with the enemy (an eight year old boy!).
Great stuff Edwin. I've always had a soft spot for that dorky straight-arm-grenade-throwing pose. Wonderful.

These  D-Day Tommies will give Edwin a very nice 120 points. A lovely gift Uncle Edwin!


  1. Great work Edwin I hope they went down well on the big day
    Peace James

  2. I'd have loved those as a kid; great gift!

  3. Nice work and your wifes nephew certainly loved these!
    I can remember when my granddad painted up my 1/72 stuff for gaming with my brother when I was a child. I always loved what he did and most of the time I got some new models as an extra :-)

  4. Very well done! I'm certain your nephew in law loved the figures. I can remember my granddad painting up 1/72 Revell figures for me and my brother when I was a child. I always loved what he did and as an extra there were always new figures on the way in my 'collection'.

  5. Excellent Old Skool Edwin, reminds me I have box of Airfix Para's to do somewhere.

  6. Nice, but I would not want to look at them in six months time if I was you ;-)


  7. Thanks everyone. I can report that they went down well indeed with both boy and father! They were his Best Present until he unwrapped his dartboard ;-D

    I think I might be asked to do it again.

  8. Cool and very Old school great work

  9. Nice work Edwin - the lad must be very pleased to have these :)

  10. Excellent work Edwin, I bet your nephew loves them!


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