Wednesday, December 25, 2013

From TimB: 28mm Feudal Japanese Infantry (85 points)

From Tim:
Here's my latest:
17 x 28mm foot 
More Samurai for my various Ronin buntai
The first two are peasants armed with sharped bits of bamboo from Black Hat Miniatures. They could be used in Peasant, Bandit or Ikko-Ikki buntais but I picked them up with the idea of actually having enough for a peasant Buntai. 
Three Samurai (or Ronin, I suppose) with No Dachi (Great Sword). Again, from Black Hat and these, as with the others below, could be used in a number of different buntai. A couple will probably end up in the Peasant Buntai as hired Ronin, others may end up in a Bandit Buntai, others will likely end up in one of the Bushi Buntai I am putting together. 

Two Samurai/Ronin with yumi (bow) - also from Black Hat.

Two more Samurai from Black Hat - one with just his Katana and one with a yari (spear) 

This is the odd one out - this samurai is an old AEG Legends of the Five Rings: Clan War miniature. He's earmarked for the Lion Clan Buntai. 

Beautiful work Tim. The red/yellow kimono on the one swordsman is lovely and I really like the 'hedge' of bamboo shafts featured with that first peasant unit. Wonderful stuff indeed.

This great selection of Feudal Japanese will give Tim 85 points. Wonderful stuff Mr.B!


  1. Really impressive work on these, Tim.

  2. wow these guys are a stand out fabulous work great painting skill, just love them

  3. Always good to see some Samurai figures. Keep showing me things like this and you are likely to inspire me into 28mm Sams as well.

  4. Your patterns are superb! Well done.

  5. That is some very fine work, well done.

  6. Great bamboo spears and patterning on these

  7. Very interesting and great looking figures.


  8. A wonderful set of Samurai and those bamboo spears are great!


  9. These are really nice figures. Wonderful painting work!

  10. Well up to your usual standard Tim. The bamboo is really well executed but the patterns on the various clothing makes them for me.

  11. Hey - Thanks everyone! Stay tuned for more of the same!

  12. Great looking figures Tim, love the bamboo spears!!


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