Wednesday, December 25, 2013

From MilesR: 28mm ACW Dismounted Confederate Cavalry (90 points)

Miles decided to take advantage of early quiet time amidst the Christmas hubbub to sneak in this entry.

From Miles:
Why am I sending you an entry on Christmas morning at 6:46 am local time?  While many of your readers may respond with a phrase along the lines of "because there's a man with his priorities straight", the real reason is that I'm the only one up in my house at this time.  With my son now a college freshman, gone are the days of an excited little boy waking me up at 4:30am to ask "can we get up now?".  Now I'll be lucky if he's up by 10:00am.  Of course, I could always "accidentally" spill some water on him but at 6'4" 240lbs that might be a dangerous proposition.  So I'm left to wandering down to the workbench and finish off some troops.
Please find the attached photo's of my 4th entry into the challenge, 18 28mm Perry Dismounted Confederate cavalry.  These are metal figures and are up to the usual Perry standards of excellent quality.  I really like the range of weapons they are depicted with - shotguns, revolvers, carbines and rifled muskets.  They are not modeled on any specific unit but are used as stand-in's when ever a cavalry unit dismounts in a game.  I've got 9 Union counterparts to finish and then will have dismounted figures for all my cavalry regiments.
I do find painting metals to be a bit harder than plastics but am happy with how these chaps came out.

Wait! I hear the young academic prince stirring - maybe, just maybe, holiday greed can overcome college morning sloth!  If so, it's a true Christmas Miracle!!!!!!
Excellent work Miles. I as well often find I get the most work done during the 'quietest moments' - though mine are usually late at night when most of the world sleeps except me and (other) ne're do wells.

These eighteen dismounted Reb cavalry will give Miles 90 points, and placing him amongst the top three in the points race. Nice use of holiday time Mr. Grinch!


  1. Splendid work. I am also an early starter....

  2. Great work I too have got a bit of painting done over the festive period

  3. Very nice work! I myself prefer to paint in the evening hour. If I'd start as early as you I'd paint everything (most probably myself most) except the figure.

  4. Oh these are good, I had the opposite problem. A nine year old who did not get to sleep till 4.30!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Yeehaw Miles! Great work as always :)


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