Wednesday, December 25, 2013

From PaulJ: 28mm Troll

Paul enters his 'blue period' with this excellent troll for his son's Blood Bowl team.

From Paul:
To be honest I thought I would have been generating a lot more historical entries during this competition but the massed ranks of 28mm Brit Paras and their denison smocks is proving to be more confronting than I thought they would be!  So here a Troll player for Blood Bowl instead.
Its a plastic Reaper fig and to be honest it was a bit of a pain to prepare and the mold lines didn't come off completely which was a bit disappointing.

I'm also not convinced that the paint won't crack and fall off when the plastic of the figure flexes underneath either, but we'll see.
He is destined to see the pitch with my son's Underworld Team comprised of Skaven and Goblins. Whether or not he survives his first few matches remains to be seen...
Great work Paul! I am curious as well to see how these new plastic Reaper models hold up. They have some wonderful sculpts but I'm not too crazy on doing repaints.

This Blue-Meanie Troll will give Paul 7 points. Nice stuff!


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