Tuesday, December 24, 2013

From BrendonW: 28mm Villagers with 50 Shades of Filth (20 points)

Brendon sends us these wonderfully vile villagers for our appreciation.

From Brendon:
The manufacturer of these figures is Gripping Beast. The man with the shield is a plastic Saxon with a head from another GB plastic set. The angry village mob perhaps need a flaming torch to complete the 'lets git Dr Frankenstein!' look as they try and break down a door. They are a part of the GB baggage blister for the Saga 'Escort' mission. 
After completing them I think there may be room on the base to place a barrel of mead. That will give them courage and something to fight for. I wanted them 50 shades of filth looking and I think they are close to that. 
Those Bernard Cornwell novels really create an image of filth in my mind when it comes to Dark Age Britain. Only 1 more large base to go and I will have the 3 bases required for the mission. Excellent!
Wonderful 'local colour' Brendon (in fact, he had one of his image files titled 'Stinky Peasants Back' - perfect).  I like the idea of adding a cask of mead to the base, or perhaps some local loudmouth haranguing them into action.

These poor unfortunates will give Brendon 20 points to add to his total. Nice job!


  1. "Ooh there some lovely filth down here Dennis"
    Nice peasants Brendon!

    1. Dang, beat me to it! "Lovely" peasants none the less.

  2. They are most definitely revolting

  3. Very nice work on these figures. Have to get some myself.

  4. Great stuff, they do fit the bill(hook)

    I have those Cornwall books ready to read at some point


  5. Very nice. Simple but very effective.

  6. Dirty...very dirty!!!! Gotta admit I expected Boobies with that title??? Was it only me??

  7. It was only you, Ray. Paul beat me to it ... "Some lovely filth".

  8. I can smell them from here... Nice job

  9. Very cool - every village needs villains.

  10. "My Lord, the peasants are revolting!"
    "Squire, the noibles are no better!"

    Fab stuff Brendon :)


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