Tuesday, December 24, 2013

From LordH: 28mm British Officer (10 points)

Lord Hill enters the fray with this fine Napoleonic figure depicting Major MacLean of the 73rd Foot. 

From LordH:
I've come to realize that my Henry Ford approach to painting might be a quick way to paint 400 figures but it won't add much to this great competition until March! I'll therefore be trying to submit some completed figures just to get on the board.
Here is Major John Maclean, killed whilst commanding the 73rd Foot at Waterloo. Terrible pic - but it's like the end of the world outside and thus no light even at miday. A measly 10 points I think! Really enjoying seeing all the great entries -  Well done!
Excellent work LordH! What make is the figure? Nonetheless, Mr. MacLean will be a great addition to your mammoth project. 10 points it's true, but you now have a place on the scoreboard - welcome to the Challenge and Happy Christmas!


  1. Thanks Curt! You asked about the make of the figure - he's a Front Rank colonel with a Perry head. Between Perrys, Victrix, Front Rank, Foundry and others there must be over 40 French colonels available. By comparison the options for the British are very meagre (5 I think) and so, to provide variety I've taken to customising most of my command figs.

    1. You're right there is a bit of a paucity of British colonels which seems very odd. Your solution is a creative one - kudos to you and well done!

  2. Great work Martin, I thought it was mostly FR. Keep knocking em out.

  3. Not a bad starter entry at all.

    Do we take it you will be helping Ray fill sandbags?


  4. Great entry and clever conversion. Looking forward to following your progress in the Challenge, "Lord Ford".


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