Tuesday, December 24, 2013

From BenG: 20mm Napoleonic Italian Light Cavalry (68 points)

Ben comes back with some more Napoleonics this time its Italian light cavalry.

From Ben:
Here are the pictures of my latest unit, the 3° Cacciatore a Cavallo, or 3rd Italian Chasseurs a Cheval. 
The figures are a mix of 3 different sets; the horses are from the Italeri French hussars set, the riders from the Italeri French light cavalry set and the heads form the HaT infantry set.  

The horses that came with the figures have the wrong shabraques and just look plain odd to boot, while the hussar horses are just lovely sculpts and very animated, but also most importantly have the right saddle furniture.

The original figures' heads suffered from a lack of chins, so rather than have a whole regiment of in-bred looking twits, I've given them a more manly looking head transplant.

Ben, you've done a wonderful job on these fellows. I quite like that trumpeter - very spiffing uniform. The head-swaps look seamless as well - and they now all have manly, swarthy, latinate chins!  Bravo!

This fine unit of Italian chasseurs will give Ben a base of 64 points but I'm topping it up to 68 in light of his mandibular modifications.