Tuesday, December 24, 2013

From JeremyM: 28mm Festive Dwarves (15 points)

Jeremy debuts with this entry to celebrate the season.

From Jeremy:
Here are three 28mm drunken dwarves from Reaper Miniatures. My original plan to paint the Reaper 'crazy cat lady'  fell through this week, and being stranded in Winnipeg I had to take what I could get from the local stores. 

I'm really happy with my drunken Christmas dwarves as they enjoy a holiday beverage. I tried Secret Weapon snow basing material and was fairly happy with the results. 
Considering the majority of my paints, washes, primer, varnishes etc is back home I'm really happy with my 'on the road' paint job. Happy holidays.

Nice work Jeremy. You've done very well with these chaps considering you're on the road without your hobby supplies. 

These three festive dwarfs will give Jeremy 15 points. Well done and Merry Christmas!


  1. These are great and impressed with your travelling kit and shopping


  2. Drunken dwarves? My word! Lovely stuff Jeremy :)

  3. Jeremy
    I had missed that these were your figures and had to go back and check them out. Nice looking dwarves.


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