Monday, January 14, 2013

From IannickM: 28mm Biblical Canaanite Spearmen (120 points)

Woah! Another new entrant on the Challenge board - most excellent! Iannick has dug himself out of the Montreal snow and sends in this beautiful unit of Canaanite infantry.

From Iannick:
Well it took a while but here's my first submission; a unit of 24 28mm biblical Canaanite spearmen (circa 1450 BC). The figures are Foundry, they are based on 50mm Litko bases. 
The colour scheme is obviously conjectural, and purists will probably say that my blue and red are too bright. But with all that skin I wanted some vivid colours to create contrasts. I used a very limited palette however of red, pale blue and raw linen to give them a unifying theme, a colour scheme I will repeat with most of my infantry units. Canaanite spearmen were usually semi-trained militia or conscripted peasantry.  
Tribal days tradition dictated that the infantrymen supplied their own equipment. While some rules treat them as open order, others do not. So I went with what I thought looked better, in this case close order. You will notice my lack of desert terrain, it's next on my list of things to buy! 
This is my second Canaanite unit, those interested can have a look at my blog for some pictures of my Canaanite slingers, which were finished last week but were not entered in the competition because they were started before the starting date.

Brilliant work Iannick! I really like the vivid colours you've chosen for this unit - they're really a treat.

This unit of spearmen will give Iannick 120 points in his opening gambit. Lovely stuff and welcome!


  1. great looking unit, I was just reading your blog and the starting of this project. Cant wait to see some of those chariots
    Peace James

  2. Very, very nice! A wonderful army. Best, Dean

  3. Really colourful, I like them! Nice to see a different subject matter too.

  4. These are colourful and bags of character for it. I really like the look of them and checked out the slingers, these are also very good


  5. Really nice work, love the colours.

  6. Stunning first entry Amigo! Everything look right in its place! The color scheme is perfect!

  7. They came out great looking, Iannick. Fantastic first entry.


  8. Many thanks for all the comments guys!

  9. Great painting Iannick, they're very colourful!

  10. Terrific! This is real art. Congratulations!


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