Monday, January 14, 2013

From MikeP: 28mm Pulp & Fantasy Adventurers (25 points)

From Mike:
Here's my third entry, 5 28mm figures, quite a mixed bag. 
You might be forgiven for thinking that this group shot is The Doctor's latest gang of companions.
First up is an Ottoman commander from The Assault Group.  I call him The Sultan of Swing.   I got him as a freebie from TAG during their very generous promotion last year.  I finally got him painted up and think I may even dig out my Ottoman army and refurbish it.  Pete at TAG is a great fellow and I just sent him an order for some of his samurai and for more Ottomans.  Generosity and great sculpting should be rewarded, I think.

Next up are two Wargames Foundry figures from their Realms of Faeire series.  My intention for these two dangerous ladies is to use them as what I am calling Galadriel's Scouts, an elite group of wood elves who will help protect the Elven realms from Orcs and Uruk Hai in my Middle Earth gaming.   I am hoping that they will count as part of your Tolkien exemption to the Challenge's historical focus.
The lady covered in flowers was terrific fun to paint and a real step out of my normal comfort zone.  For me the challenge is not about volume so much as giving me the impetus to try new and different things.
The last  part of this group of five are the first figures i've finished from a bunch of Bob Murch's Pulp Figures.  I've wanted some of Bob's figures for years and I am quite happy with them.
This duo will play a role in my Weird War Two campaign that I am collecting figures for.   Readers who want the backstory can visit my wargames blog.  In brief, these figures are a married couple, Burton and Alberta McAskill, a hunter and Great War vet and his wife, a rancher's daughter, from Alberta's Kananaskis country. 

Their expertise in working with the RCMP on a series of grisly and eldritch events in the 1930s, including the Werewolf of Kicking Horse Pass, has brought them into Project Alice, the Empire's secret war effort against sinister occult forces stirring in the Reich.

Great work Mike! I'd usually not accept the fairies as they are really outside the Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' oeuvre but you did such a nice job on them and who can't admire the sylvain support garments provided to their archers (how she draws and releases a bow beggars the imagination). 

These five will give Mike 25 points. Well done!

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