Monday, January 14, 2013

From IanW: 6mm Napoleonic Italian Regiments (110 points)

From Ian:
It seems like these have taken forever to get to the finished stage. Every time I have sat down to paint something has either stopped me or cut the session short.
I have eight Italian Napoleonic Regiments, most for service in the Peninsular where I will be fighting my next battle. These and the others will also see service in Russia. I have as such used the pre 1813 flags, Baccus supply the flags but do not inform you which are which on the sheet but Warflags website helped out here. 
So I present the Velite Regiment that really did not have a standard but I could not resist and use one of the other Guard flags. These seem to have worn bearskins so I used some Baccus Grenadiers for the job.

Two Regiments of Legere, the first and Second in nice bright colours.
Last up five standard Ligne Regiments, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. All eight regiments are very colourful and the skirmish troops are in green so these should stand out on the table among all the blue of the French.

All told that's 219 infantry figures. I still have about eight foreign regiments of infantry to paint as well as quite a few cavalry, not including any Polish regiments. 
I hope to get the infantry done before the challenge finishes. Next up for the French though will be five Regiments of Hussars and yet more command.

Brilliant job Ian, these really look fabulous all arrayed en masse. 

This formidable force of Italians (is that an oxymoron?) will give Ian 110 points to add to his total. Great work! The race is getting quite tight between the 2nd, 3rd and 4th postions...


  1. Great looking troops Ian!, Lets hope they perform on the tabletop as well as they look?

  2. Nice work. I like the looks of massed 6mm on big square bases.

  3. love the base work they look fantastic
    Peace James

  4. Thanks guys, the Italians actually were often thought to be as good as any normal French Regiments so they should do somewhat better than my Neapolitan's. It won't be to long before I find out


  5. I am not big into these small figures, but yours look great and the bases are really first rate, you really convey a sense of mass.

  6. Very impressive, Ian. Lots of detail and the basing really shows them to advantage. I have some Baccus French infantry on my desk and you've given me a nudge to get them done and into the Challenge.

  7. Was not too big on these small minis as well untill I saw Wagram in 6mm at Salute a few years back which looked so spectacular good it was best of show IMO. These guys look fabulous and I like the important basing very much. Great work.

  8. Again thanks for the nice comments, I will be doing a few more before the challenge ends



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